Preferred Agency Solutions

We built Vbout specifically for the needs of marketing agencies.

Provide More Value to Your Clients With

  • White-label software that strengthens your
  • Cutting-edge marketing automation
  • Multi-dashboard account to manage all of
    your customers in one location
  • Detailed analytics to build reports and
    show ROI
  • Digital marketing training and personalized
  • Workflows and permissions which can be
    customized for each of your accounts

Grow your business and provide better service.

Vbout's Agency Solutions combine the power of marketing
automation technology with your service offerings.

Book a demo and let us analyze which package will fit your needs a period

Our Customer Success team will manage onboarding and training your staff.

Customize your account dashboards and white label solutions as needed.

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  • Partner Success Stories

    We love working with marketing agencies and really view you as our partners. When your agency grows, we grow.
    That is why your success is so important to us.

    "Vbout has been a great way to run all of our campaigns in one place. We can log in and manage the social profiles for all our 15-20 clients right from there. We schedule posts, see what's going on and can analyze a variety of activities. We white-label the software so in case we decide to share this profile with our clients, when they log in they see Whitegate PR branded on the top. It gives our clients something special since we're not only providing a service, but our name is on a piece of software which is very good for tracking."
    Dana Humphrey, President, Whitegate PR Inc.
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    "We had heard about Vbout from a friend, and after exploring the site for a little bit we found that it was the best tool. It was the best fit for us. I would say as a marketer, or as an agency, to really consider this tool because it's tremendously effective. It's amazing for consolidation, wonderful for time management and it's been incredibly effective with tracking our analysis as well as our growth on social media. So I would say it's a great starting point, get familiar with the site and you'll love it."
    Chelsey Pendock, Partner, Innovision Advertising
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    Our Cutting-Edge Marketing Technology

    We are committed to building the best marketing automation technology for marketers to succeed in what they do best.

    Simplified Account Management

    • Multi-dashboard account management
    • Customizable moderation for each account
    • Dispatch calendar with multiple views and filters
    • Manage user permissions and work groups

    Enhanced Service

    • Social Media Management
    • Integrated Email Marketing
    • Automation Rules and Workflows
    • White label feature with your brand
      on our technoloy

    Clearly Defined ROI

    • Detailed analytics to prove ROI
    • Customizable reports on engagement and conversions
    • Testing and tracking to improve campaigns
    • Define goals and monitor performance

    Dedicated Support

    We provide comprehensive, dedicated support to you and your clients. A Vbout Success Manager will provide training on the platform and will introduce you to new feature releases while they are still in Beta testing. We are constantly developing new, cutting-edge features to provide you and your clients with the latest techniques and tools.

    Support and Training

    Vbout provides all the training and support you need to set up and optimize campaigns for each of your clients.

    Training Videos

    Our instructional videos will train you on every feature of our marketing automation software.
    You will learn how to schedule and manage multiple clients from one dashboard, as well
    and how to share dashboards with external users. We will teach you how to monitor activity and
    permissions for different users. You will also learn how to educate your clients on all the
    benefits of the software.

    Personalized Consultation

    We will provide you with additional materials, white papers, eBooks and videos to help you stay
    on top of trends in digital marketing. If there is an area where you would like to increase your
    skills or knowledge, we will design a training and consultation program that addresses your
    personal needs.

    Offer advanced marketing technology with Vbout

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